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Moonlighting as a Bootlegger...

We receive a lot of questions about the name,"Moonlight Bootleggers" and how is it associated with the Encinitas Lifesaving Association?

As you know, your ELA supports the efforts and services of the City of Encinitas Fire Department, Marine Safety Division and the lifeguards it employs. The City manages Moonlight State Beach, where our lifeguard headquarters is locted (400 West C Street) and where the last large free beach parking area is located in all of North County.

Moonlight Beach was named, or as the story goes, because the silvery beach sand and setback bluffs can be lit up by the light of the moon,

Moonshiners, or "Bootleggers," during the time of Prohibition, would use this natural inlet and bright nighttime marker as they shipped their illegal alcohol by small vessels to shore to be smuggled into the surrounding neighborhoods.

"Moonlight Bootleggers" was adopted as the name of our body surfing crew which recreates in the great surf and warm waters and represents Encinitas at Bodysurfing events up and down the coast.

Whether representing the ELA or the Moonlight Bootleggers, our members are more than just lifeguards. We have many "Bootleggers" moonlighting within the ocean lifeguard ranks including, nurses, teaches, firefighters, artists, yoga instructors and others with hidden talents and A LOT of hobbies and energy.

Please enjoy your time along our shores and stop by our next event and find out more about these great traditions and our little association. And please feel free to order a T-shirt or Towel to represent.

We found this thowback video of Moonlight State Beach on YouTube. No new concession stand or lifeguard headquarters, but a great shot of the Junior Lifeguard Program in action back in the day

Artwork by Lifeguard and Artist Kyle Bowen

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