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Planning a pool party? A main component should be a certified lifeguard.

With summer heating up and the end of the school year, many families are planning events in and around the water.

If you are heading to the beach, a lake, pool, or reservoir it is important to contact the managing authority or lifeguard service to see if any additional documents or permits need to be obtained.

Most places require a special event permit be obtained if a group of 25 or more people are participating in an organized event (regardless if it is free or a fee is being paid by participants.

Regardless if a permit is required, notifying the agency is a good idea so certified lifeguards can be made available, a water safety talk can be provided, and any necessary arrangements (i.e. assistance for those with special needs) can be addressed.

If you are hosting a water event in your HOA pool or at your personal residence please take the short training to become a "Water Watcher" And you may also wish to consider contracting with a trained lifeguard. Anyone hired should be certified in CPR and AED, Advanced First Aid or higher medical training, and in water rescue from a certifying organization (i.e. United States Lifesaving Association / American Red Cross).

A drowning occurs every 10 minutes and adolescents are at the highest risk for death by drowning or water related injuries. Take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

Contact your local lifeguard agency if you need assistance or reach out to your Encinitas Lifesaving Association for suggestions.

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